Sunday, August 24, 2014

Advice On Life From Literature

Mockingbird cover

I love that as I'm reading, I constantly find lines or passages of writing that really inspire me. They're like little chips of opal in a bowl of sand, glimmering like little fragments of Truth (not just factual truth, but existential Truth) against the background of the novel. I collect these fragments, write them down and squirrel them away for another time, sometimes in a notebook but more often than not on little bits and scraps of paper that get bent and folded and washed and used as bookmarks in yet other books before slowly being eroded away into nothingness.

Here's a list of advice from literary classics to remind you that inspiration can come from the world around you but also from the way that it's recorded, the way that words are organized onto a page or spoken by a character. Maybe they'll inspire you to write down some Truths of your own.

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